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A small craft workshop that prides itself on high-quality leather goods, we are deeply committed to the art of craftsmanship and the tradition of excellence.

Each of our products is made exclusively from ethical materials of the highest quality, ensuring not only superior durability but also a minimal environmental footprint.

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Marion Wilmann

Executive Director of wr&m

Marion Wilmann is an experienced Business Consultant and Project Director with vast experience from diverse business fields. Since she started her professional career, she has been involved in various projects in property management, events, education and law. She holds over 10 years of significant experience in management positions with responsibility for strategic planning, business development, budgetary control, costs analysis and expenses optimisation, sales, investor relations, and client servicing functions.

Her network of relationships and experience in implementing new business opportunities involving the negotiation of high-level contracts has generated innovative ways to grow revenue and increase margins. Outwith her corporate achievements, she has worked closely with charities to deliver voluntary tailored support and practical guidance.

Employee engagement is a workplace concept that Marion feels strongly about:

When employees feel passionate about their jobs, they are committed to the organisation and put the maximum effort into their work. Innovation in the workplace is an important employee engagement strategy, and I believe that a more innovative workforce can tackle the challenges of the future. At WR&M, we are developing and sustaining employee engagement through our valuable employee benefits unique set of cutting-edge services.

Marion Wilmann - Nef Studio