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A small craft workshop that prides itself on high-quality leather goods, we are deeply committed to the art of craftsmanship and the tradition of excellence.

Each of our products is made exclusively from ethical materials of the highest quality, ensuring not only superior durability but also a minimal environmental footprint.


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Large fold wallet – brown


Our wallet makes a perfect gift for him or her on his/her Birthday, Anniversary, Graduation, Wedding, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Father’s/Mother’s Day, or even just a treat for yourself!

This slim design bifold wallet will keep your cards and cash secure…

100% handmade, handstitched

Material: genuine leather

Color: brown

Type: slim leather bifold wallet


Introducing our Slim Design Bifold Wallet, the epitome of elegance and functionality wrapped into one. Perfectly suited for both him and her, this wallet serves as an exquisite gift for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduations, Weddings, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Father’s or Mother’s Day, or even as a delightful indulgence for yourself. Crafted with precision and care, its sleek profile is designed to seamlessly fit into your life, encapsulating luxury and convenience in every fold.

The wallet’s interior is meticulously organized to secure your cards and cash, ensuring everything you need is neatly arranged and easily accessible. Made from ethically sourced, high-quality leather, it not only speaks volumes of your taste but also stands as a testament to sustainable luxury. Its timeless design and durable construction promise years of reliability, making it a piece that grows in character and elegance with each use.

Choose our Slim Design Bifold Wallet as a token of sophistication and practicality, a gift that resonates with the essence of cherished moments and the beauty of everyday elegance.


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Large fold wallet – brown - Nef Studio